Mediatrix C7 Series

About Media5 Corporation Mediatrix C7 Series

The Media5 family of C7 Series offers the user multi-function devices combining both VoIP adapter and media gateway functionalities. With the C7 series, users are able to choose from different configurations based on their needs.

Targeting Small and Medium-sized Businesses, the C7 solution features FXS and FXO interfaces. When using both interfaces the enterprise user can take advantage of voice applications and/or connect to a service provider's broadband access. The FXO interface is perfect for deploying private or hosted networks and for connecting to the PSTN in a cost-effective manner.

Key Features:

  • Up to 4 ISDN BRI Digital Ports
  • Up to 8 FXO and 8 FXS Analog Ports
  • High-performance processing of up to 10 voice channels
  • Zero-touch configuration
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