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About Mitel

Mitel, an innovator in the communications market for more than 40 years, offers effective and unique communications equipment, including IP based business phones, that can help any business successfully achieve collaborative and communicative success. in February 2014, Mitel acquired Aastra Technologies, who, having entered the telecommunications industry in 1992, has been consistently meeting the needs of SMB and Enterprise level business communication demands with unparalleled excellence. Now combined, the new Mitel offers an even more expansive array of unique, quality, and dependable communications devices that are sure to meet the needs of any business structure.

Mitel VoIP phones and desktop devices range from affordable, entry-level devices, to enterprise and executive level IP phones. 

Why buy Mitel?

  • Offers a versatile line of IP phones with robust functionality for any size office environment
  • Produces phone expansion modules that  support up 28 programmable keys per unit
  • All phones are wall mountable in order to provide variety of usage
  • VoIP Supply stands behind the quality and dependability of the Mitel brand
Mitel IP Phones

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  1. Mitel 6867i

    SKU: 02-118391

    The Mitel 6867i is a 9 line HD voice VoIP phone in the Mitel 6800 series of powerful and modern phones. The 6867i supports many advanced business telephony features including a color 3.5"QVGA display, DHSG/EHS headset support, and support for up to 3 expansion modules.
  2. Mitel 6930 IP Phone

    SKU: 02-123300

    Ideal for power users who require a phone that can be tailored to their specific communication needs. Designed from the ground up to provide an exceptional HD audio experience via its speech optimized handset, enhanced full-duplex speakerphone and support for Bluetooth, USB and Analog handsets.
  3. Mitel 6863

    SKU: 02-118393

    The Mitel 6863 is a 2 line HD voice entry level VoIP phone in the Mitel 6800 series of powerful and modern phones. Designed with professional workers in mind the 6863 features a 2.75" monochrome pixel display, 3 programmable keys and Dual 10/100 RJ45 ports.
  4. Mitel 6865

    SKU: 02-118392

    The Mitel 6865 is a 9 line HD voice VoIP phone in the Mitel 6800 series of powerful and modern phones. With support for up to 3 expansion modules, Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, and 8 programmable keys the 6865 has been designed for the small to large business market.
  5. Mitel 6869

    SKU: 02-118390

    The Mitel 6869 is a 12 line HD voice VoIP phone in the Mitel 6800 series of powerful and modern phones. The 6869 features many advanced telephony features including a large 4.3" color display, 12 programmable soft keys and an optional detachable magnetic full QWERTY keyboard.
  6. Mitel 6873 SIP Phone

    SKU: 02-122135

    The Mitel 6873 is a full-featured executive level phone that supports up to 24 lines and features a 7" touchscreen display. With enhanced wideband audio and speakerphone, the Mitel 6813 is a phone designed for users who expect great things from their phones.
  7. Mitel MiVoice Conference Phone

    SKU: 02-119070

    The Mitel MiVoice Conference Phone is an audio conferencing unit that can meet the demands of any size business. With 16 built-in microphones, Beamforming Technology, and also a 7-inch full color touch screen - this unit is easy to use and allows for maximum efficiency and productivity.
  8. Mitel 632d v2 Dect Phone

    SKU: 02-128528

    The Mitel 632d v2 Dect Phone is ideal for any vertical.

    Regular Price: $616.00

    Special Price: $442.87

  9. Mitel 612d DECT Business Phone v2 (Set)

    SKU: 02-125038

    The Mitel 612 DECT Phone also supports service facilities like firmware download over air which helps to reduce support costs. With its 2" TFT color display it guarantees an optimum overview and simple operation of the clearly structured menus at all times.

9 Item(s)

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