Mobotix S16B Dual Thermal Camera with Radiometry

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The Mobotix S16 Thermal Camera with Radiometry features high-end technology that can be used to measure specific temperature changes and set automatic responses to temperature-specific events.
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Mobotix S16B Dual Thermal Camera with Radiometry
Mobotix S16B Dual Thermal Camera with Radiometry

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    Mobotix S16B Dual Thermal Camera with Radiometry

    The Mobotix S16 Dual Thermal Camera is a powerful security system that is compact and flexible. The S16 can be installed to capture footage in two separate areas thanks to its two long sensor cables. One camera can be used to capture various areas. The S16B can be used with two 360° angles making it a double hemispheric camera that offers the same coverage as eight conventional cameras. That's a strong feature to beat! 

    Mobotix S16B Dual Thermal Camera with Radiometry Overview 

    The S16B Thermal can operate with a maximum of 8 watts of power. No extra cooling, heating or PTZ motors are necessary even when there are two thermal image sensors connected.

    The S16 has a basic module to which one or two sensor modules (lens plus sensor board, LED's and microphone) can be connected. Select one or two weatherproof thermal sensor modules for thermographic requirements. There are two types of thermal sensor modules, each with three different lenses, which can also be combined with thermal radiometry technology for temperature-related events. 

    The S16's robust metal housing is discreetly installed behind a wall or ceiling panel, and the lenses that connect to it, which can measure up to three meters in length, are the only visible part of the camera when installed. The flat housing includes integrated long-term flash memory and external connectors (Ethernet, MiniUSB, and audio). 

    The S16 has no moving parts and thus does not require any maintenance. It operates quietly and discreetly and typical applications include hotels buses, trains, and restaurants. 

    Various mount options are available to house the lenses. 

    Mobotix S16B Thermal Camera Features and Specifications:

    • Mx6 system platform with H.264 and ONVIF compatibility
    • S16 DualFlex housing with either one or two thermal sensor modules
    • 18 module options: with/without TR, three fields of view, three housing designs
    • Optical and thermal sensor modules can be combined as desired
    • MxActivitySensor can also be used in total darkness
    • PoE thermal camera with a max. power consumption of 8 W
    • Weatherproof and robust camera housing (IP66, IK06)
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