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About Netgear Switch Modules

If your switches are in a pinch for extra connectivity, Netgear Switch Modules are ideal for end-users and technicians with simplified hot-swappable installation and removal.

Netgear's line of switch modules support industry standard SFP and GBIC interfaces and are compatible with third party vendors’ products.

Why buy Netgear Switch Modules?

  • Adds Fast Ethernet fiber connectivity to fully Managed Switches
  • Fits into standard SFP slots
  • Hot-swappable installation or removal
Netgear switch modules

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    SKU: 02-111956

    Transceiver - 100 Mbps - Fast Ethernet; IEEE 802.3 - Wired - Plug-in module
  2. Netgear AGM734 PROSAFE 1000BASE-T SFP RJ45 GBIC

    SKU: 02-111957

    Transceiver - 1GBps - Gigabit Ethernet - Wired - Plug-in module
  3. Netgear AX742

    SKU: 02-104643

    Netgear AX742 ProSafe 24 Gigabit Stacking Kit. . . Modular design lowers costs while maximizing flexibility. Configured in a resilient ring topology, delivers 48 Gbps of stacking bandwidth.
  4. Netgear AGM731F ProSafe Fiber SFP Tranceiver Module for 1000Base-SX MULTIMODE LC GBIC

    SKU: 02-101445

    The Netgear AGM731F 1000BASE-SX Fiber SFP GBIC adds fiber connectivity to the Netgear GSM7328S, GSM7352S, GSM7324, GSM7312, GSM7248, GSM7212, FSM7352S, FSM7328S, FSM7326P, GS748T, GS724T, GS716T, FS750T2, FS726TP, FS726T and JGS524F. * Small size for high density fiber connections * Meets SFP GBIC standard for use with any SFP GBIC compliant slot * 1000BASE-LX connectivity over 10 Km
  5. Netgear ProSafe Optional Redundant Power Supply for XSM7224S-100NAS

    SKU: 02-111970

    Redundant hot swappable Power Supply for XSM7224S-100NAS

Items 11 to 16 of 16 total

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