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About Netgear Unmanaged Switches

Plug-and-play connectivity is a feature of Netgear Unmanaged Switches that best describes their deployment for businesses in need of a small and simple network - Comforting and stress-free.

Packed with ease-of-use features to simplify your networking experience, Netgear Unmanaged Switches are long-lasting, thoroughly tested, and rack-mountable.

Netgear's unmanaged switches offer Gigabit speed, high capacity, affordability, flexibility, and convenience; all in a small footprint.

Why buy Netgear Unmanaged Switches?

  • Plug and Play, auto-detects speed and duplex
  • Perfect for any application needing to move large files quickly across a network
  • Affordable enough for desktop connections
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  1. Netgear GS116 ProSafe 16 Port Unmanaged Desktop Switch

    SKU: 02-101455

    The Netgear GS116NA is an unmanaged 16-port Gigabit 10/100/1000 Desktop switch that provides a powerful, high speed network on a small scale. The GS116 lets you build a system that gives full dedicated 1000 Mbps connections, suitable for instantaneously moving large files across the network. This standards-based switch allows you to integrate your existing or future VoIP infrastructure with 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps devices.
  2. Netgear TP-Link 5 Port Unmanaged Ethernet Switch TL-SX105

    SKU: 02-133388

    TL-SX105 is the newest 10G unmanaged switch with 5 10GE ports, respectively, aiming to provide powerful and lightning-fast wired connections. Auto-negotiation 5-speed (100Mbps/1G/2.5G/5G/10G) connections sense the link speeds and intelligently adjust for compatibility and optimal performance for all the devices, including 10G NAS, 10G server, workstation, 10G PCIe Adapter/ NIC, gaming computer, 2.5G/5G/10G WiFi 6 AP, 8K video, desktop, and more. The revolutionary fanless design of TL-SX105 ensure quiet operation, ideal for any home or business.
  3. Netgear XS505M Ethernet Switch XS505M-100NAS

    SKU: 02-133348

    The XS505M and XS508M switches by NETGEAR offer various Ethernet port speeds (Fast Ethernet to 10-Gigabit), automatically adapting to connected device needs. Unlike some switches, they provide exact speeds without downgrading. Regular Cat5E cables can be used, saving on wiring costs.
  4. Netgear GS305P Ethernet Switch GS305P-300NAS

    SKU: 02-133091

    The Netgear GS305P Ethernet Switch is a 5 port, 2 layered switch.
  5. Netgear GS108-400NAS ProSafe GS108 Ethernet Switch

    SKU: 02-131068

    The Netgear GS108-400NAS ProSafe GS108 Ethernet Switch is an unmanaged plug-and-play switch with 8 ports.
  6. Netgear GS524UP Unmanaged Gigabit Switch

    SKU: 02-129898

    The Netgear GS524UP Unmanaged Gigabit Switch is a PoE++ switch with 24 ports to help power high density devices such as 4K/8K IP cameras, wireless access points, LED lights, IoT devices and many more.
  7. Netgear GS524PP-100NAS Unmanaged Gigabit Switch

    SKU: 02-129897

    The Netgear GS524PP-100NAS Unmanaged Gigabit Switch is a 24-port PoE+ switch that power high density devices efficiently and effectively. This switch is a small form factor switch with an internal power supply that can be mounted or placed on a desktop.
  8. Netgear GS516UP-100NAS Unmanaged Gigabit Switch

    SKU: 02-129891

    The Netgear GS516UP-100NAS is a PoE++ switch with 16 ports that allows you to power high density PoE devices such as wireless AP, 4K/8K IP Cameras, LED lights, IoT devices, and much more. It is compact in size, but powerful in its performance.

    Regular Price: $369.99

    Special Price: $353.88

  9. Netgear 16-Port 183W PoE/PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch GS116PP-100NAS

    SKU: 02-126764

    Introducing the NETGEAR GS116PP 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch with 183W PoE budget. The Industry's first flexible PoE+ integrated technology allows you to increase or decrease the PoE budget at any time to provide to your devices the power that they need with interchangeable external power supply and an intuitive power selector.
  10. Netgear GS105NA ProSafe 5-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch

    SKU: 02-103966

    Netgear GS105NA is a 5-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch that is part of Netgear's Unmanaged Switch Series, designed to cost effectively help businesses expand their networks to Gigabit speeds.

10 Item(s)

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