4400 Series Gateways

About Patton 4400 Series Gateways

The Patton SN4400 Series of VoIP Gateways connects your phone system to up to 32 PSTN lines for local calling, failover, or a gradual migration to VoIP. The chassis features 2 10/100 Ethernet ports, a single internal power supply, and a Telco connector. This solution is designed for businesses who require 12 to 32 concurrent analog voice/fax calls and it supports key industry-standard VoIP signaling protocols such as SIP, H.323andT.38 Fax Relay. 

Why buy the Patton 4400 Series Gateways?

  • 12, 16, 24, 32 simultaneous VoIP calls
  • 2-wire Loopstart on 50-pin (12 to 24 channels) or 64-pin (32 channels) Telco connector 
  • SIPv2 H.323v4, SIP call transfer, redirect, DTMF in-band & out-of-band, and all tones programmable (dial, ringing, busy)
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