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About Patton Analog Gateways

The Patton Analog Gateways are FXO/FXS gateways that are used to connect a VoIP system to the PSTN.

The call integration allows per-port telephone numbers, programmable call progress tones, and distinctive ringing, giving you the flexibility your business needs. With Telephony-over-IP (ToIP) call switching, calls can automatically be routed to the PSTN or the IP network while providing flexible numbering plans and end-to-end feature transparency.

Users love the easy web-based management design and outstanding interoperability that work for most leading IP PBX systems.

Why Patton Analog Gateways?

  • Compact, reliable stand-alone VoIP gateway with different port options
  • Advanced Local Call Switching
  • Easy Management and Outstanding Interoperability

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  1. Patton SN4112/JS/EUI VoIP Gateway SN4112 2-FXS

    SKU: 02-110053

    The business-class Patton SmartNode 4112/JS/EUI VoIP Media Gateway integrates 2 legacy PBX or analog devices with next-generation IP based telephony systems.
  2. Patton SmartNode 4112s 2-FXS Gateway SN4112S/JS/EUI

    SKU: 02-121985

    The SmartNode 4112s 2-FXS Gateway is Patton's redesign of their popular two-port SmartNode 4112 FXS Gateway, but it just got smaller, and more affordable! The 4112s provides all the same hardware, features and functions you've come to trust, but in a smaller enclosure. The 4112s has 2 FXS ports and is a perfect connectivity solution for any analog phone, fax, or PBX.
  3. Patton SN4141 with 2FXS Ports

    SKU: 02-123379

    The SmartNode 4141 Series of VoIP Gateways support up to eight phone or fax calls. The SN4141 is the perfect choice for All-IP applications where either old, non-replaceable telephones have to be integrated into a UCC environment, or for good old fax devices to be migrated to the next-generation network infrastructure. Patton’s SmartNode 4141 Series delivers the legacy phone interfaces, service transparency, and flexible integration required for All-IP networks.
  4. Patton Smartnode 4520 Series FXS FXO Gateway Router

    SKU: 02-sn4520

    The Patton Smartnode 4520 series analog gateway and router offer flexible configurations of FXS and/or FXO ports to bridge your IP and Analog systems while offering QoS, wire-speed traffic shaping, and complete network access. Configure your Patton Smartnode 4520 to your exact needs here.

    From: $761.00

    To: $1,903.00

  5. Patton Smartnode 4110 Series Analog Gateway

    SKU: 02-sn4110

    The Patton Smartnode 4110 series analog gateway offers a handful of flexible configurations of FXS and/or FXO ports to bridge your IP and Analog systems. Configure your Patton Smartnode 4110 to your exact needs here.

    From: $383.00

    To: $996.00

  6. Patton SN4524 2-FXS 2-FXO Gateway Router SN4524/2JS2JO/EUI

    SKU: 02-110056

    The Patton SmartNode 4524 VoIP Gateway router combines IP routing, VPN/Security, and Quality of Service (QoS) for up to 8 transparent voice or fax channels and data over an IP or PSTN network.
  7. Patton 4022 SmartLink 2 FXS VoIP GW-Router

    SKU: 02-101574

    The Patton Smartlink 4022 VoIP SOHO Router connects your LAN, standard analog phones, and fax to any IP network.

7 Item(s)

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