Ethernet Extenders

About Patton Ethernet Extenders

Feel trapped by the limited distance of your Ethernet? Thanks to the CopperLink 1101 PoE Ethernet Extender, you can finally say goodbye to those days and welcome a new level of flexibility!

The CopperLink 1101 Ethernet Extender extends an Ethernet or network segment beyond its distance limitation and enables Ethernet connectivity over previously installed copper infrastructure. With the CL Extender, you can now install your IP terminal equipment exactly where you need it instantaneously install PoE-compliant devices such as Wireless Access Points (WAPs), IP cameras, IP telephones, IP door stations with no additional overhead cost.

Why Patton Ethernet Extenders?

  • Ethernet Extension - extends¬†10/100 base-TX Ethernet over 3300 feet
  • Transparent LAN Bridging - Passes higher layer protocols, including 802.1Q VLAN tagged and untagged packets.
  • Plug and Play
  • Made in the USA
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