Patton SmartNode SN5570 Series eSBC SN5571/1E30VHP/EUI

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The SmartNode SN5570 Series Enterprise Session Border Controller + Router bridges a wide range of IP-PBX products to their SIP Trunk service providers. With its built-in Security features such as SIP TLS, SRTP, Stateful Firewall and Secure provisioning, it protects the LAN networks from fraud strikes out of the Internet.

Patton SmartNode 5570 Series eSBC with 2 FXS 4 FXO

The SmartNode 5570 Series of Enterprise Session Border Controllers comes equipped with built-in security features such as SIP, TLS, SRTP, strateful firewall, and secure provisioning to protect the LAN networks from fraud. The SN5570 models include two 10/100/100 Base-T Ethernet ports and with either 1 or 2 PRI (E1/T1) ports. The SN5570 Series models can also be used to do VoIP call transcoding for up to 16 calls. For example, converting G.722 codecs on the LAN side to G711 on the WAN side.

Whether used as an Enterprise Session Border Router or as a VoIP gateway/router, the SmartNode 5570 provides excellent VoIP, IP QoS and security features for seamless network integration. Like all Patton SmartNodes, the SN5570 Series models are state-of-the-art eSBCs that provide complete policy-based IP routing. 

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Patton SmartNode 5571/1E30VHP/EUI Features

  • Supports 30 VoIP calls
  • Full VoIP protocol support - SIPv2, SIPv2 over TLS, ISDN, DSS1, T.38, G.722 HD voice, RTP Security
  • SIP Registrar - License is included in ALL eSBC products
  • Two 10/100/100 Base-T Ethernet Ports
  • Interoperable for voice and T.38 fax with leading SIP service providers
  • SessionRouter allows flexible call routing and numbering plan adaptations
  • Made in the USA

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