Patton SmartNode Cloud Fax Service

Patton SmartNode Cloud T.38 Fax Services

With Patton SmartNode Cloud-Fax Service any enterprise can have reliable, Telco-grade fax over the Internet with real-time encryption and instant deployment. The new cloud fax service from Patton is a combination of Patton's SmartNode VoIP CPEs and Cloudli Communication's cloud-powered, real-time T.38 fax service to deliver out-of-the-box fax line services. The SmartNode cloud-fax service features options for encrypted fax, which delivers plug-and-play, HIPAA-compliant fax communications with no business associate agreement (BAA) required. The fax session is encrypted and it meets security standards set by data protection regulations. These regulations include HIPPA, SOX, PIPEDA, and GDPR. The solution is also zero-touch provisioning and deployable immediately right out of the box! The fax session is encrypted and it meets security standards set by data protection regulations. 

Why Choose Cloudli Communications?

  • Cloudli is the recognized global leader in FoIP
  • Patented T.38 Encryption (AES 256) - Only real-time FoIP solution with higher security and call completion rates than landlines
  • Overrides Global Coverage in Canada and USA, traffic can remain within national boundaries to meet regulations

Customer Benefits

  • Eliminate costly legacy analog infrastructure
  • Regulatory compliance 9HIPAA, SOX, etc)
  • Cloud migration initiative can now include fax - ex Patton Cloud, virtual SmartNode
  • Leverage FoIP architecture for high-availability and disaster recovery
  • Global coverage
  • A proven reliable solution for mission-critical fax applications

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