Patton Virtual SmartNode

Patton Virtual SmartNode

VoIP Gateways from Patton

The Patton Virtual Smartnode is designed to run in virtualized enterprise networks, telephony service provider data centers, cloud provider infrastructure, etc. Addressing varying call capacity needs from clients can easily be done, scaling up and down the required licenses on the virtual SmartNode using a floating license model through the Patton Cloud. The Patton Cloud automatically distributes the obtained licenses to where they are needed (vSN and other Patton devices). The Patton Virtual SmartNode provides the comprehensive feature set needed for service providers or enterprises that are in need of virtualizing their infrastructure.

SmartNodes are the leading and field-proven CPEs running Patton Proprietary IS. The same, feature-rich software used on the purpose build hardware devices, can also be used in virtual environments for a high level of scalability and service availability. This enables you to easily scale up/down SBC services on Virtual SmartNodes but also on regular SmartNode devices. 

Why Patton Virtual SmartNodes

VoIP Security: Network separation with SIP Back 2 Back UA, intrusion protection, DoS prevention, trust peer, Signaling encryption (SIP0TLS), Stateful Firewall

IP Routing & Networking: IP Routing Protocol Support; GRE, VRRP, RIP, L2TP, etc

High Availability: Stateful call failover incl. proactive dead call detection. SBC redundancy and failover to secondary, virtual instances

Proprietary Software: Utilizes proprietary Trinity™ Software for added security

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