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Accessories for Plantronics headsets

Plantronics Accessories

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Plantronics Accessories

Accessories for Plantronics Headsets

VoIP Supply offers the most popular Plantronics headset accessories.

Everything from adapters to make your modular plug headset compatible with a jack-equipped telephones, patch cables for 3.5mm mobile phones, polaris cord replacements, handset lifters, USB-to-headset adapters, amplifiers, online indicators, charging bases, and hookswitches.

Get everything you need for your Plantronics headsets right here.

Why buy Plantronics Accessories?

  • Customize your headset for your needs.
  • Expand your headsets functionality.
  • Adapters convert headsets for use with various phones.
Accessories for Plantronics Headsets

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    Plantronics CS520 and APC-41 Hook Switch Control Adapter 84692-01/37978-11
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    Plantronics CS520 and APP-51 Hook Switch Control Adapter 84692-01/38439-11
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    Plantronics DA70 USB Audio Processor 201851-01
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    This Plantronics DA80 USB QD Cord can be primarily used with any Plantronics H-Series Headset and is the direct replacement for the Plantronics DA45.
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    Plantronics 64394-11 - CS50/CS55 3 + 1 Earloop
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    Plantronics 72913-01 - Spare Ear Tip Kit for use with CS70, CS70N, 510, 510S, 510USB
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    Telephone Interface Cable (TIC) - connects MDA200 to telephone
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    Spare Charger Base unit 3PIN for the Plantronics SAVI W440.
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    Spare base standard charging cradle for Plantronics WH500/W440/W740
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    Spare Battery for the Plantronics CS540

Items 1 to 10 of 60 total