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About Polycom Conference Phones

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Essential to businesses in all shapes and sizes, the conference phone allows multiple parties to remotely converse from anywhere in the world. The hurdle is communicating clearly and accurately.

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In 1992 the original SoundStation conference phone, with its highly recognizable triangular shape, overcame those obstacles and quickly became the preferred choice for conference rooms for its high level of audio clarity.

Clear, accurate, and efficient communication continues to be the hallmarks of Polycom conference phones through Polycom's dedication to developing and implementing new technologies in audio processing, noise reduction, system integration, and microphone compensation.

Why buy Polycom Conference Phones?

  • Polycom HD voice technology for calls that sound as natural as being in the same room.
  • Extended microphone range makes everyone in the room sound loud and clear and smart microphones focus on the user who is speaking, not extraneous sounds.
  • Interference from wireless devices is averted and background noise (projectors, ventilation) is removed.
Polycom Conference Phones