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Pocket-sized, portable hands-free units to make calls from your computer. Polycom Speakerphones support Skype, Microsoft Office and more

Polycom Speakerphones

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Polycom Speakerphones

About Polycom Speakerphones

Polycom Speakerphones are pocket-sized, portable hands-free units to make calls from your computer. Connected and powered through a USB cable, Polycom Speakerphones are easy to set-up and use. These VoIP phones are also equipped with buttons to launch applications, pick up/hang up calls, control volume, and mute.

Polycom Speakerphones can support Skype, Microsoft Office Communicator 2007, and a growing list of voice and videoconferencing applications.

Why buy Polycom Speakerphones?

  • Hands-free operation with no headset required or, plug into the stereo headphone port for private conversations.
  • Echoes and feedback are eliminated providing high fidelity voice quality while high quality microphones ensure clear two-way conversations.
  • Pocket sized for portability, carrying case included, and the integrated USB cable stores inside the unit.
Polycom Speakerphones

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  1. Polycom CX100

    SKU: 02-105075

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    With the Polycom CX100, now you can have crystal-clear, natural, hands-free conversations without echoes or feedback, whether for small group conferences or for personal hands-free use
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    Partner Premier, Three Year, RealPresence Trio 8800 IP Conference Phone
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    The Polycom C100S is a wideband USB speakerphone for use with Skype

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