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Digital PCI telephony cards by Rhino Equipment

Rhino Digital Cards

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Rhino Digital Cards

About Rhino Digital PCI Cards

Digital PCI Telephony Cards from Rhino Equipment make managing open source telecommunications easier than ever. Get up to 4 ports T1/E1, with a single chip integrated CSU and fully independent transmit and receive functionality.

Why buy Rhino Digital Cards?

  • 5-year limited warranty and robust construction
  • Asterisk Open Source PBX compatible and built-in echo cancellation
  • Cost-effective solution and guaranteed T1 voice quality
Rhino Equipment Digital PCI telephony cards

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    The Rhino R1T1 is a digital PCI telephony card offering 1 T1/E1/PRI connection.
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    The Rhino R2T1-E-EC is a digital PCI Express telephony card offering dual T1/E1/PRI connections with onboard echo cancellation.
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    This Rhino Equipment product is a PCI Express Telephony Card, featuring 4 FXO ports, 4 FXS ports, and also features echo cancellation.

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