Cloud2Edge Complete

Cloud2Edge Complete

Cloud2Edge Complete is a flexible solution for taking advantage of all of the products and services that Network Orchestration has to offer. It combines all the tools and services needed for managing your Unified Communications solution for a low monthly subscription. Cloud2Edge Complete eliminates the need to license the number of concurrent calls, instead of providing a single price per site independent of the number of users or calls. Sites with 5 to 500 phones will pay the same monthly subscription price. If you have an EdgeMarc device, take advantage of Cloud2EdgeComplete!

Click Here to Download the EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge™ Portfolio Datasheet

What's Included in the Cloud2Edge Monthly Price?

  • The EdgeView Service Control Center
  • Support and maintenance for EdgeView and any EdgeMarcs under management
  • Reduced hardware prices as the call licensing are now included within the Cloud2Edge monthly price


  • "op-ex" Cost Model: Upfront investment costs are eliminated that are associated with a 'cap-ex' purchasing model.
  • Pay For Only What You Need: usage is eliminated with a flat price per unit per month. Add more capacity as your business grows.
  • Reduced Hardware Costs: Reduces pricing from EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge™ devices.
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