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PBXact UC Phone Systems

PBXact UC Phone Systems

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PBXact UC Phone Systems

PBXact Unified Communications Systems

Sangoma's PBXact UC has been designed on the power of FreePBX, the leading open source phone system, but with an added twist.

PBXact is a cloud-based version phone system that is completely managed in Sangoma's data centers. It uses the same software as your typical on-premise appliances, but in the cloud.

The PBXact Unified Communications platform is a complete business phone system solution that offers true scalability and user friendly features.

Why Buy PBXact?

  • PBXact offers enhanced functionality as it comes equipped with several commerciall modules to help your business prosper. PBXact is a fully commercial platfrom that is aggressively tested and managed by Sangoma
  • PBXact gives you options of up to 1000 users and 300 simultaneous calls; a truly scalable and feature rich solution that when combined with Sangoma's product offerings delivers a complete business communications system
  • When working with PBXact phone systems powered by Sangoma you receive a wide range of appliances to fit all types of office settings. The appliances offer high performance SSD storage
  • With support options of Gold, Silver and Platinum, PBXact appliances receive the newest releases, bug fixes as well as priority technical support for your convenience

Includes the following Commercial Modules

  • Call Recording Reports
  • Class of Service
  • Conference Pro
  • Extension Routing
  • Fax Pro
  • Park Pro
  • Page Pro
  • SystemAdmin Pro
  • Voicemail Reports
  • XMPP Pro

Features Include

  • Flexible Time-Based Call Routing
  • Built-In Conference Bridge
  • Fax to E-mail, Three-Way Calling Support
  • Voicemail to E-mail
  • Call History / Call Detail Records
  • Softphone Support, Overhead Paging
  • Desktop/Mobile Phone Support
  • Web-based Config File Management When Needed
  • Backup and Restore Utilities, WebRTC Softphone
  • Call History (Details and Recording Playback / Download)
  • Presence Management, Conference Room Management

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    PBXact UC 10 Phone System from Sangoma is a turnkey solution for businesses who need a commercial, fully featured business communication system. PBXact UC supports 10 users and 5 simultaneous calls.
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    The Sangoma PBXact UC Appliance 60 has the ability to support up to 60 users or endpoints and 30 simulaneous calls. The PBXact UC 60 is ideal for the mid-sized business and branch office locations.
  3. Or Add To Your

    The Sangoma PBXact UC Appliance 100 has the ability to support up to 100 user or endpoints and 30 simultaneous calls. The PBXact UC 100 is designed to be easily deployed and includes a user friendly web-based user interface.
  4. Or Add To Your

    The Sangoma PBXact UC Appliance 300 will support up to 300 users or endpoints and 120 simlutaneous calls. The PBXact UC 300 is ideal for the contact center or heavy call volume office.
  5. Or Add To Your

    The Sangoma PBXact UC Appliance 1000 will handle up to 1000 users or endpoints and 300 simultaneous calls. The PBXact UC 1000 is feature rich and also cost-effective, ideal for SMB's, or large enterprise level businesses.
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    PBXact UC 300 3rd Party Phones
  7. Sangoma PBXact UC 40

    SKU: 02-123527

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    PBXact UC 40 is our smallest on-premise based appliance built for small businesses looking to seamlessly integrate IP phones and VoIP trunks while improving employee collaboration and productivity with a large suite of advanced features. PBXact UC 40 supports up to 40 licensed users and 30 simultaneous calls.

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