PBXact UC Phone Systems

PBXact Unified Communications Systems

Sangoma's PBXact UC has been designed on the power of FreePBX, the leading open-source phone system, but with an added twist.

PBXact is a cloud-based version phone system that is completely managed in Sangoma's data centers. It uses the same software as your typical on-premise appliances but in the cloud.

The PBXact Unified Communications platform is a complete business phone system solution that offers true scalability and user-friendly features.

Why buy PBXact?

  • PBXact offers enhanced functionality as it comes equipped with several commercial modules to help your business prosper. PBXact is a fully commercial platform that is aggressively tested and managed by Sangoma.
  • PBXact gives you options of up to 1000 users and 300 simultaneous calls; a truly scalable and feature-rich solution that when combined with Sangoma's product offerings delivers a complete business communications system.
  • When working with PBXact phone systems powered by Sangoma, you receive a wide range of appliances to fit all types of office settings. The appliances offer high-performance SSD storage.
  • With support options of Gold, Silver, and Platinum, PBXact appliances receive the newest releases, bug fixes as well as priority technical support for your convenience.

Includes the following Commercial Modules:

  • Call Recording Reports
  • Class of Service
  • Conference Pro
  • Extension Routing
  • Fax Pro
  • Park Pro
  • Page Pro
  • SystemAdmin Pro
  • Voicemail Reports
  • XMPP Pro

Features Include:

  • Flexible Time-Based Call Routing
  • Built-In Conference Bridge
  • Fax to E-mail, Three-Way Calling Support
  • Voicemail to E-mail
  • Call History / Call Detail Records
  • Softphone Support, Overhead Paging
  • Desktop/Mobile Phone Support
  • Web-based Config File Management When Needed
  • Backup and Restore Utilities, WebRTC Softphone
  • Call History (Details and Recording Playback / Download)
  • Presence Management, Conference Room Management