Sangoma Connect

About Sangoma Connect

Sangoma Connect is the softphone app you wish you had years ago. It gives your staff and employees the ability to work remotely using Sangoma Connect through their iOS or Android devices. You can even access the Sangoma Meet video collaboration feature using your business extension all while protecting your personal information. The onboarding process is simple, it sends an auto-generated email for each individual upon activation from the PBX with easy directions to follow to download the app with instant log-in. It's just that easy!

Sangoma Connect Features:

  • 3-way conferencing
  • Initiate and receive calls via your mobile device all while keeping your information safe
  • Quickdial with BLF - Access your favorite contacts with (Busy Lamp Field) that display the current status of your colleagues
  • Multi-Language Support - Several languages are supported, meaning your employees can work wherever in the world!

For more information on Sangoma Connect click here to download the brochure!

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