Sangoma Maintenance Plans

Sangoma Peace of Mind Packages (POMPs) for PBXact UC

Please contact one of our representatives to add a package to your order. 

A POMPs package is an optional support agreement that is purchased by the Customer from Sangoma for a single PBXact system. The purchase of a POMPs base package which is sold as Gold or Platinum and any additional Add On Feature packages entitles the Customer to certain services to be rendered by Sangoma. The purchase of any POMPs Add-On Feature packages requires a purchase of the base package first.


Base Coverage of Service

Products: The following is a list of products covered as part of a Base POMPs Coverage of services.

  • POMPs Gold
  • POMPs Platinum

Feature Upgrades

A customer is eligible to receive all standard software upgrades or updates released for PBXact. This includes all admin software and phone applications. All upgrades will be performed by the customer unless they wish to engage the Support team to handle the upgrade for you. This will require the use of support credits.

  • POMPs Gold:­ 30 Support Credits per year
  • POMPs Platinum:­ 60 Support Credits per year.

24/7 System Outage Support

Sangoma agrees to provide a 24/7 emergency response system for customers experiencing a complete system outage on any PBX that has a Platinum POMPs plan in place. This response system will allow the customer to leave a message for Sangoma 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The on-call technician will then respond back to the callback number for the customer. System Outage is defined as the PBXact phone system cannot make or receive any phone calls. Each PBX has a unique Pin code for access to the after-hours department and this Pin code can be found in the Sangoma Portal at under your Deployment.

Support Services Hours

Sangoma shall provide support services between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, Central Standard Time (“Business Hours”) for all issues.

Software Bugs

You will receive unlimited support for assistance in reporting and resolving a bug if you encounter one in the PBXact software as part of your base POMPs purchase. If you open a support ticket reporting a bug and it is determined the issue you are reporting is not a bug but a misunderstanding of the feature or a misconfiguration you will be required to cover the time used to diagnose and assist you in the setup as part of the Support Credit system and if you are out of support credits you agree to purchase support credits to cover the time spent.

Support Credits

Sangoma agrees to provide the following support credits for use with a Sangoma representative during Sangoma’s Business Hours as defined below. Additional Support Credits can be purchased from the Sangoma Store. Customer must open a support ticket first through Sangoma’s online ticketing system Once a ticket has been opened, all correspondence can be done through the ticketing system or through the telephone. This includes items such as, but not limited to help in setting up or configuring their PBXact system, software, phones, or general help on items related to their phone system.

Support Service Level Agreement

Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, Sangoma shall provide support Services for the System in accordance with the Service Level Agreement set forth below for initial response times based on when a phone call is made to the Support Department with a ticket already opened and a voicemail is left if no answer by the support department.


Critical PBX non-function for entire company Within 4 Business Hours
Moderate Single employee unable to function Within 8 Business Hours
Normal Basic configuration concerns that impact productivity but do not prohibit communication Within 3 Business Days



POMPS Platinum SLA

Critical PBX non function for entire company Within 2 Hours 24/7
Moderate Single employee unable to function Within 4 Business Hours
Normal Basic configuration concerns that impact productivity but do not prohibit communication Within 3 Business Days



3-Year Extended Warranty and Advanced RMA Add-On Option

If an Advanced Replacement RMA Add-on is purchased and still active Sangoma agrees in the event of a hardware failure to ship a replacement unit prior to receiving the defective unit back as outlined in our Warranty Agreement.

  • Customer shall open up an RMA ticket at under the RMA Department
  • A representative will review your request and if an RMA is deemed needed, a replacement unit will be shipped to the Customer within 1 business day after approval
  • Customer shall provide a valid credit card to be used in the event the defective RMA unit is not returned
  • Customer is responsible for all shipping costs of the RMA units

Additional Terms of Agreement

Length of Agreement: ­All POMPs packages are for a 12-month period from the date of purchase.

Renewal: ­All POMPs packages can be renewed by the customer after the 12-month period. This can be accomplished by logging into the Customer Portal and renewing their POMPs. All renewals are based on the last expiration date. If your POMPs expired 6 months ago and you decide to renew, you will only get 6 months of coverage.


Purchase of POMPs at a later date: ­If customer elects not to purchase a POMPs at the time of purchasing their PBXact system, they can purchase it at a later date. If a system was purchased 6 months ago and you decide now to add POMPs, you will only get 6 months of coverage since POMPs purchases or renewals are based on the last expiration date or on a new purchase of a Phone system with no POMPs the expiration date becomes the purchase date.

Terminations of Agreement: ­This agreement will automatically be terminated on the same day 12 months from the order date of the system. Sangoma also has the right to terminate this agreement at any time and issue a monthly pro-­rated refund at its discretion with a 30-day written notice to the customer.

Transferability:­ POMPs are non-­transferable. Resale of any PBXact system will void this agreement. The Purchaser of the PBXact system will be required to purchase their own POMPs

Tracking of Time:­ All POMPs support features that have Support Credit caps to them will be tracked inside your user portal. Please access your portal to see your current balance of time left at any point during the length of the agreement. Additional support can be purchased at the prevailing hourly rate inside the customer portal.

Remote System Access: ­All remote support is done by connecting to your PBXact phone system using an SSH protocol on port 22. To receive support from Sangoma you must allow access through your firewall to port 22 pointing to the IP address of your PBXact system.

Contact one of our VoIP Experts at 1-800-398-8647 to add a Peace of Mind Package to your order.