Digital Telephony Cards

About Sangoma Digital PRI Telephony Cards

Sangoma A100 Series Digital Voice Cards are offered in 1 to 8 port configurations of optimized voice and data to support up to 240 simultaneous voice calls over T1/E1/J1 lines with available hardware echo cancellation. 

The Sangoma A500 Series is an expandable BRI solution with 2 to 24 ports that can support up to 48 simultaneous calls over ISDN BRI lines.

Each Sangoma Digital Voice Card uses the same high-performance PCI or PCI Express interface that delivers superior functionality in many critical systems. All cards in the AFT (Advanced Flexible Telecommunications) family are field upgradeable with crash-proof firmware and can achieve carrier-grade echo cancellation and voice quality enhancement functions for your phone systems.

Click Here to download the Sangoma Digital PRI Cards Datasheet

Why buy Sangoma Digital PRI Telephony Cards?

  • Telco-grade hardware echo cancellation available
  • 1 to 8 port high-density configurations for up to 240 voice calls or 16.4 Mbps full-duplex data
  • Expandable BRI solution available with optional echo cancellation
  • Authorized Sangoma Distributor
  • Sangoma has set up a status page,, to better serve the customer’s needs. This status page will provide real-time updates and information on the status of all Sangoma products and services, including outages, maintenance, and more
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