Sangoma Meet

Sangoma Video Conferencing

Introducing Sangoma Meet

Sangoma Meet allows you to video conference with up to 50 participants on any device. Collaborate virtually with anyone - as long as you have a secure internet connection - easily connect with a click of a button! No need to worry about security with Sangoma Meet, video conferencing is private and secure, and password protected so that only the people you want on your video calls can join. Sangoma Meet is also fully encrypted, guaranteeing that your conversations are private. With HD video and crystal clear audio quality ensured by the Opus Codec, you won't have to ask the dreaded questions, "Is my audio okay?" or "Can you hear me?" Start using Sangoma Meet now!

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Video Conference in 3 Simple Steps

1. First, open a WebRTC-compatible browser (Chrome for example)

2. Second, go to

3. Third, begin your video conferencing and invite your participants

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Sangoma Meet is currently being offered free of charge, in order to help everyone stay connected and get through this period.