Vega 50 Gateways

About Sangoma Vega 50 Gateways

The Sangoma Vega 50 Gateway is an analog or BRI gateway providing a great range of interconnectivity between traditional analog phone systems (PSTN) and VoIP networks. The Vega 50 Gateways supports connectivity with legacy telephony equipment such as PBXs, ISDN telephones, the ISDN, and analog phones. With high performance at a competitive price, the Sangoma Vega 50 gateway is a great solution adopting VoIP service.

The Sangom Vega 50 gateway supports up to 10 analog ports, or 8 basic rate ISDN channels on 4 physical interfaces. Also standard are up to eight FXS or FXO ports or, a combination of the two. With up to four BRI interfaces the Vega 50 gateway can be connected to both a PBX and the ISDN simultaneously allowing for no disruption to you existing eqiupment’s configuration and greater flexibility and choice for call routing.

With optional ENP (Enhanced Network Proxy), Sangoma’s Vega 50 gateway enables continuity of service during WAN/SIP outage with operating configurations that include standalone proxy, IP device survivability, IP device call routing, emergency call routing, and SIP to SIP call routing.

The Sangoma Vega 50 is an open, non-proprietary interface that supports SIP, H.323, T.38 fax functionality, has proven interoperability with a wide scope of telecommunications and VoIP equipment, and can be configured for different country requirements.

Why buy Sangoma Vega 50 Gateways?

  • 2–10 Ports (analog or BRI) including Interoperability with a Wide Range of Legacy and IP Equipment.
  • Voice, T.38 fax and modem Support, SIP and H.323 support.
  • Flexible Call Routing for Fallback and Least Cost Routing, and Emergency PSTN Backup.
Sangoma has set up a status page,, to better serve the customer’s needs. This status page will provide real-time updates and information on the status of all Sangoma products and services, including outages, maintenance, and more.
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