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Sangoma Vega 5000 Gateways

Vega 5000 Gateways

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Vega 5000 Gateways

About Sangoma Vega 5000 Gateways

The Sangoma Vega 5000 gateway is an analog gateway that simplifies converging legacy phone systems on to your IP network. With 24 or 48 FXS ports the Sangoma Vega 500 connects analog devices to IP networks while also incorporating two network-facing FXO port for connection to PSTN telephone lines or, an analog PBX.

The Sangoma Vega 5000 gateway has a lifeline PSTN backup that, when powered, routes calls to or from the two FXO ports. When power failure occurs these two FXO ports serve as a hard-wired bypass to two FXS ports allowing standard analog calls to be made over the PSTN even in this demanding environment.

With optional ENP (Enhanced Network Proxy), the Vega 5000 gateway enables continuity of service during WAN/SIP outage with operating configurations that include standalone proxy, IP device survivability, IP device call routing, emergency call routing, and SIP to SIP call routing.

The Sangoma Vega 5000 is an open, non-proprietary interface that supports SIP, H.323, T.38 fax functionality, has proven interoperability with a wide scope of telecommunications and VoIP equipment, and can be configured for different country requirements.

Why buy Sangoma Vega 5000 Gateways?

  • 24 or 48 FXS ports plus 2 FXO ports providing exceptional density at only 1U high and ½ rack deep.
  • Voice, T.38 fax and modem Support, SIP and H.323 support.
  • Flexible Call Routing for Fallback and Least Cost Routing, and Emergency PSTN Backup.
Sangoma Vega 5000 Gateways

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