Snom Conference Phones

About Snom Conference Phones

The Snom MeetingPoint conference phone has been discontinued. The recommended replacement is the Snom C520. The C520 can be expanded with the use of the C52-SP DECT Expansion Speakerphone. You can also check out the Snom C620 SIP Wireless Conference Phone for a powerful DECT experience that is completely wire-free. 

Business class, meeting room full-duplex conference phones, designed for up to 10 participants in up to a 30x30 room.

Features include 12 different SIP identities, management of up to 4 external participants, and the highest in security. Available add-on microphones to extend your audio reach for 70x70 rooms.

Why buy Snom Conference Phones?

  • Flexibility: Multiple SIP registrations, Management of up to 4 external participants
  • Superior audio quality for up to 10 people or up to 30 m² room area
  • Optional add-on microphones to extend the audio radius to up to 70 m² room area
snom Conference phones
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