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About Snom DECT Phones

Snom is making a real push in 2015 to create a DECT solution that will cover all business settings. With the addition of the M700 and M325 DECT base stations Snom is able to expand to large numbers. The Snom M700 solution can be expanded up to 200 units and the M325 unit can handle up to 20 units.

The Snom base stations have an indoor range of about 175 feet and you can add the Snom M5 repeater and increase the range about another 150 feet.

Check out the latest Snom firmware, Snom firmware

Why Buy Snom DECT Phones and Accessories?

  • Interoperable with all major SIP-PBX platforms
  • Seamless handover from base station to base station or repeater
  • Wideband voice
  • Base Stations are wall mountable
  • Wireless solution for small to large businesses
snom DECT Phones

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  1. snom M65

    SKU: 02-118314

    The snom M65 is a VoIP DECT wireless handset that can be paired with the snom M700 DECT base station. Up to 30 additional M65 handsets can be paired with one base giving increased mobility and freedom to users.
  2. snom M85 Ruggedized DECT Handset

    SKU: 02-119081

    The snom M85 Ruggedized DECT Handset is the IP65 DECT handset with shockproof, splash-proof, and dust-proof capabilities; suitable for outdoor areas and/or industrial work environments.
  3. snom M700 DECT Base Station

    SKU: 02-118311

    The snom M700 is an indoor multi cell base station connects to your IP PBX and acts as a SIP endpoint device while giving DECT signalling to up to 30 snom SIP DECT handsets. The snom M700 can be used in a single access point deployment or in a cluster with up to 40 units.
  4. snom M5 DECT Repeater

    SKU: 02-118407

    The snom M5 DECT Repeater can extend the range of your snom M700 DECT base station and snom M65 handset.
  5. snom M25

    SKU: 02-118728

    The snom M25 VoIP DECT Handset was designed for the busy work office setting with 7 hours of talk-time battery life and a range of 300 feet indoors. The M25 has a great price to performance ratio.
  6. snom M325

    SKU: 02-118724

    The snom M325 is a VoIP DECT bundle with a handset and base station. The M325 will handle up to 20 snom M25 or M65 handsets.

6 Item(s)

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