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Accessories for Spectralink 8030 series phones

For the Spectralink 8030

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For the Spectralink 8030

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  1. Spectralink BPL100

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    The Spectralink BPL100 is the battery pack intended for use with the 8020 and 8030 handsets.
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    Ultra-Extended replacement battery for Spectralink 60xx and 8xxx wireless phones. Eight hours talk time, 180 hours standby, Four-hour charge time
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    SpectraLink WTO200 is the hinge clip assembly to connect to the Spectralink 8030 Wireless phone. This clip allows you to hang the phone on your belt or pocket.
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    The Spectralink WTO320 is a black nylon holster with a ruggedized belt clip that is compatible with all Spectralink wireless phones.
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    Spectralink WTO440 Clear Silicone Case with no Clip
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    Spectralink WTO205 Replacement Swivel Belt Clip - Top Release

6 Item(s)