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For 84-Series Handsets

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For 84-Series Handsets

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    Extended service agreement - replacement - 3 years - response time: 1 business day - for SpectraLink 8002, 8020, 8030, 8440, 8441, 8450, 8452, 8453
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    Spectralink SMS84110 One Year One-Year SpectraCare Renewal for 84-Series
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    Spectralink First year SpectraCare for Spectralink 84- Series 8x5 Support
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    Spectralink First year SpectraCare+ for Spectralink 84- Series 24x7 Support (SMS84105)
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    One-year SpectraCare+, Spectralink 84- Series -Technical Support: 24x7 -Liquid Damage Protection -RMA: Advanced Replacement -Spectralink Online University
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    First Three-year SpectraCare+, Spectralink 84- Series.
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    Three-year SpectraCare, Spectralink 84- Series. For handsets not currently under warranty. -Technical Support: 8x5 -Liquid Damage Protection -RMA: Includes Next day shipped (upon receipt) -Spectralink Online University

7 Item(s)