Paging Relay

Syn-Apps Paging Relay

Syn-Apps’ Paging Relay is a small, patented PoE network appliance providing several features including unicast-to-multicast conversion and eliminating bandwidth-intensive unicast streams across WAN connections. The Paging Relay also enables connectivity to analog endpoints, contact closure devices, alarm panels and more, providing seamless integration with Syn-Apps’ notification software platform.

This patented device allows Revolution notifications to be sent via unicast for multi-site, WAN-connected voice networks. The Paging Relay converts incoming unicast audio streams back to multicast at the destination site and delivers audio packets to the appropriate endpoints – phones, speakers, or traditional PA systems – via IP, RCA, or 600ohm interfaces.

The Paging Relay is small enough to hold in one hand and features plug-and-play technology, making installation a piece of cake. This innovative product provides enhanced services at a fraction of the cost by eliminating the need to place notification servers at every remote site and requires virtually no configuration.

Syn-Apps Paging Features

  • Unicast-to-Multicast - Reduces bandwidth consumption by converting incoming unicast audio streams into multicast to destination sites across the WAN
  • Music Capabilities -

          Background Music Music - The paging relay accepts audio from any standard external device to stream music through IP or analog speakers. Pause background music when notifications are active and automatically resume the music when the alert is over. This is useful in common areas like lobbies, hallways, waiting rooms, retail floors, and more.

          Music on Hold - Set up music to be played when a call is placed on hold or when a call goes into a waiting queue

  • Contact Closure -

          Relay Contact Closure - Used to interface Revolution software and the Paging Relay to third-party systems that require a contact closure to activate, such as windows, sensors, lights, strobes, and more.

          Sensor Contact Closure - Used to trigger the Paging Relay to play an audio file when an external switch closes its connection. Can also trigger Revolution to send a notification. Use to close doors and windows, turn on lights and sirens when specific Revolution notifications are activated. 

  • Remote Site Failover Paging - The paging relay provides true fault-tolerance protection in the event of a WAN outage. It's beneficial for customers with remote locations that require connectivity at all times and need contingency communication plans in the event of a network outage
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