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About Valcom Infrastructure Devices, Trunk Ports, and Paging Gateways

Valcom Infrastructure includes two main product lines to connect your phone systems: IP Paging Servers and Networked Trunk Ports. While IP paging servers provide an 8-zone IP paging connection to all IP-based telephone systems, Networked Trunk Ports feature peer-to-peer, no server-required connection to IP-based LAN/WAN.

With Dual Networked Page Zone Extenders, you can further extend voice access to up to 4 zones of One-Way paging over an IP-based LAN/WAN. Offering a simple window-based setup and an easy installation process, Valcom Infrastructure devices are an ideal, simple solution for a variety of IP telephone systems.


  • Up to 8-zone IP paging
  • Easy to install, Easy to setup
  • Compatible with a wide range of IP telephone systems
Valcom Infrastructure Devices

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  1. Valcom VIP-201A

    SKU: 02-104816

    The VIP-201A SIP Based Paging Gateway is designed for use with virtually all IP based telephone systems. The unit provides 8 SIP addressable groups and 1 analog output.
  2. Valcom VIP-811A

    SKU: 02-110971

    Valcom VIP-811A Enhanced Networked Station Port (FXS)
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  3. Valcom VIP-821A

    SKU: 02-110974

    Valcom VIP-821A Enhanced Network Trunk Port
  4. Valcom VIP-822A

    SKU: 02-110975

    Valcom VIP-822A Dual Network Trunk Port
  5. Valcom VIP-824A

    SKU: 02-110976

    Valcom VIP-824A quad Enhanced Network Trunk Port
  6. Valcom VIP-801A-IC

    SKU: 02-112252

    The VIP-801A-IC Networked Page Zone Extender for InformaCast systems enables voice access to a single zone of one-way paging over an IP-based LAN/WAN. This allows page zone extension anywhere on the network.

6 Item(s)

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