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About Valcom Speakers

For the best IP paging speakers, look to the originator. Valcom introduced the industry's first IP loudspeakers – followed by the first IP Power over Ethernet (PoE) loudspeakers more than ten years ago. Now, Valcom IP speakers are offered in ceiling, wall or paging horn models.

Horn speakers are easy to use, rugged and efficient and they’re most often used for outdoor or loud industrial environments. Valcom’s Omni-Lock™ mounting systems give Valcom paging horns the easiest mounting method in the industry.

Ceiling speakers are available with flush mounts and lay-in drop ceiling models and wall speakers have available angular or flush mounts including wall speakers with clocks.

Your choice of speaker mounts and styles ensure you’ll get the performance you need from your paging system and with paintable Valcom IP speakers, you’re sure to achieve the right look as well.

Why buy Valcom Speakers?

  • Convenient built-in amplifier w/volume control.
  • Easily utilizes standard CAT 5/6 cable.
  • Speakers for indoor/outdoor/industrial environments including various mounting options.
Valcom IP Speakers

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  1. Valcom VIP-429-D-IC

    SKU: 02-112242

    InformaCast IP Wall Speaker Faceplate Unit w/ Digital Clock - Talkback
  2. Valcom VIP-430A-IC

    SKU: 02-112243

    InformaCast IP Wall Speaker Assembly - Talkback
  3. Valcom VIP-431-DS-IC

    SKU: 02-112244

    InformaCast IP Surface Mount Speaker, Angled w/ Digital Clock - Talkback
  4. Valcom VIP-432-DF-IC

    SKU: 02-112245

    InformaCast IP Speaker Faceplate Unit w/ Digital Clock - Talkback
  5. Valcom VIP-428-IC

    SKU: 02-112241

    InformaCast IP 8in Square Wall Speaker Faceplate - Talkback
  6. Valcom Informacast IP Ceiling Speaker VIP-120A-IC

    SKU: 02-112224

    InformaCast IP 8in Ceiling Speaker, One-Way
  7. Valcom VIP-160A-IC

    SKU: 02-112231

    InformaCast IP Talkback 8" Inch Ceiling Speaker
  8. Valcom VIP-401-IC

    SKU: 02-112232

    InformaCast IP 1 ft x ft Lay-In Ceiling Speaker - One-Way
  9. Valcom VIP-402A-IC

    SKU: 02-112233

    InformaCast IP 2 ft x 2 ft Lay-In Ceiling Speaker - One-Way
  10. Valcom VIP-411A-DS-IC

    SKU: 02-112235

    InformaCast IP Surface Mount wall Speaker,Angled w/ Digital Clock -- One-Way

Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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