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VTech Hospitality DivisionVTech Hospitality Products

VTech's line of hotel phones s leverage expertise and resources—catering specifically to the hospitality market while providing clear cost and feature benefits. Customers count on us VTech to design, manufacture, deliver and support the world-class telephony products that help them enhance their guest experiences.

VTech has gone to great lengths to design a line of phones that services the unique needs of the hospitality industry. VTech offers both contemporary and classic styles to complement a range of interiors while providing innovative, user-friendly features and technologies that accommodate a variety of business models, property, and other special requirements.

Why buy VTech Hotel Phones:

  • Analog and SIP offerings
  • Antibacterial plastic to safeguard guests and housekeeping staff from germs
  • Rubber inlays underneath keypads to protect against high humidity
  • USB ports so guests can charge smartphones and other electronic devices (SIP phones and cordless charging stations)
  • Remote guest service key management (SIP phones)
  • Customizable faceplates and programmable guest  service keys to highlight all the services and amenities hotels offer
  • Compact footprints
  • Redial memory that automatically clears after 15 minutes to ensure guest privacy (cordless phones)
  • Flash, hold, mute and conference calling support for busy executives