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Xorcom CXR3000 CompletePBX

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Solution Overview

Xorcom CXR3000 CompletePBX

The Xorcom CXR3000 CompletePBX for SMB applications is an Intel Atom based stand-alone telephony solution with PSTN / telephone ports. The CXR3000 features Xorcom’s CompletePBX distribution with up to 32 analog ports, up to eight BRI ISDN ports, and/or up to 4 PRI/R2/CAS ISDN E1/T1 ports. The CXR3000 supports up to 672 PSTN / Analog phones ports with external Astribank units, up to 1000 users and up to 300 concurrent calls.

Also available with the CXR3000 is the Xorcom Rapid Recovery backup utility, provided on Disk-on-Key.

For support for your Xorcom CXR3000, see Xorcom CompletePBX Support to find the tier that fits your needs. Depending on the level of support, you can have email, chat and phone access to Xorcom technicians and off-site FTP backup so you never have a moment of downtime.

Xorcom CXR3000 Features:

  • Unlimited extensions, voicemail boxes, hunt groups, call center groups, and auto attendants (IVRs)
  • Basic built-in call center with call recording, barge and whisper
  • Emergency notification module
  • Endpoint manager
  • User-friendly Web interface
  • Interface in different languages
  • CDR (Call Details Record)
  • TDM/SIP/IAX trunks
  • Remote extensions
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • Web access to voicemail
  • Fax support
  • Fax to email
  • IVR menu system
  • Ring groups
  • Call queues
  • Conference rooms
  • Find me / Follow me
  • VmX Locator
  • Time-based routing
  • Advanced dialing rules
  • Music-on-hold
  • Paging and intercom
  • Admin status screen
  • Package manager (for easy updates)
  • Network settings tool

Click here to download the Xorcom CXR3000 Datasheet

Note:Remote Installation Services are Required for all Xorcom CompletePBX's for a smooth user experience. Remote Installation Template must be completed and returned to VoIP Supply with a minimum of 5 business days prior to planned installation.

The Complete PBX CXR3000 comes in a variety of telephony connection configurations and options. Choose the one that best fits your application from one of the drop down menus below.

Base Unit with No PSTN Connections

If you are using your Xorcom CompletePBX with SIP trunks and no PSTN connectivity, or are using it as part of a Twinstar recovery system, you can choose one of these two models. CXR3000 is the base IP PBX with no telephony ports installed. CXR3000/NU is the same however it cannot be upgraded to add ports at a later time.

Analog and Digital Configurations

Do you use a T1 or PRI connection to access the PSTN? Then you may need a hybrid configuration with both analog and digital connectivity. If you need more than 1 T1/E1 connection, see the next option below.

More Analog and Digital Configurations

If you need more than 1 T1 or PRI connections, you can choose your digital/analog hybrid system here. Configure with either 2 or 4 T1/E1 connections and the appropriate number of FXO or FXS ports. **Note: If you are getting more than 2 active PRI Channels AND plan on using the Hardware Echo Cancellation (XR0124), you will need to add the LC0020 license to cover each additional live PRI port.

Hardware Upgrade Options

Need to maximize the power on your Xorcom CompletePBX? These hardware options may be necessary to get the best performance from your IP PBX.

Addtional HardWare Echo Cancellation Licensing

For additional ports only: For more than 1 T1/E1 connection, you will need the LC0020 license to cover each additional live PRI port. The LC0021 covers an additional 8 channels of echo cancellation for Analog PSTN connections.

Software Upgrade Options

Add functionality to your Xorcom CompletePBX with these licenses to add features.

Remote Installation Services - Appliances

For a smooth customer experience, Xorcom requires remote installation for all their Servers and Appliances. Remote Installation for Appliances includes programming of a Xorcom appliance or server for: SIP trunks; T1/E1 circuits or analog phone lines. Also included is the programming of inbound/outbound routes and IVR call flow for day and night service.

Remote Installation Services - Extensions

For each extension, the Xorcom requires the Remote Installation Services for programming Extensions which includes: all IP telephones and/or analog phones. Installation of softphones on customer computer; programming of all extensions into CompletePBX Software; programming of all hunt groups, paging groups, voicemail boxes, fax mail extensions and any remote extensions. The Remote Installation Services for Extensions also includes programming music or message-on-hold, and activation of Flash Operator Panel v2.

Call Center Queue Programming

Remote programming of all Call Center queue's. Charge is per queue.

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