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  1. Xorcom LC0022

    SKU: 02-112054

    Xorcom LC0022 is an additional 2 channels of echo cancellation (For BRI Channels)
  2. Xorcom XR3000-SUP Annual

    SKU: 02-128859

    XR3000-SUP Annual
  3. Xorcom MD0101 500GB SSD (replaced the XR0125)

    SKU: 02-127629

    Xorcom MD0101 500GB SSD replaces the Xorcom 500GB Upgrade XR0125 which is not discontinued
  4. Xorcom CompletePBX Support


    Support Tier Options for your Xorcom CompletePBX

    From: $70.00

    To: $3,847.00

  5. XORCOM LC0020

    SKU: 02-112052

    Xorcom LC0020 Additional 30 channels of echo cancellation (for PRI Channels)
  6. Xorcom XR0107 USB Hub

    SKU: 02-110555

    Xorcom 4 port USB hub for XR2000 and XR3000 series IP PBXs.
  7. Xorcom TwinStar LC0016

    SKU: 02-110448

    Xorcom TwinStar™ LC0016 is a high availability solution that provides automatic detection of server failure and immediate switching of all telephony functions, including telephony interfaces, to a backup server.
  8. Xorcom XR0105

    SKU: 02-110554

    Xorcom Additional 10/100/1000 Ethernet port for XR2000 and XR3000 Series IP PBX.
  9. Xorcom Complete Concierge Addtl Room

    SKU: 02-110978

    Xorcom LC0018 Complete Concierge PMS Interface - Per Room
  10. Xorcom Complete Concierge

    SKU: 02-110977

    LC0017 Complete Concierge PMS Interface - 25 Room Package

10 Item(s)

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