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Xorcom IP PBX

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Xorcom IP PBX

About Xorcom IP PBX Solutions

Xorcom harnesses the power of Asterisk Open Source IPBX to design and produce leading-edge modular and scalable VoIP to PSTN hardware telephony solutions for commercial installations of all sizes. All Xorcom Asterisk appliances, including the XR1000, XR2000, and XR3000 series pbx servers, feature easy-to-use, reliable, high-bandwidth and high-density USB 2 technology and support all the main analog and digital telephony interfaces, including FXS, FXO, E1/T1 PRI, E1 R2, T1 CAS and BRI.

Xorcom Complete PBX software is available directly from Xorcom and can only be used on a Xorcom branded PBX Appliance

Why buy Xorcom?

Xorcom is an smart choice because:

  • Xorcom Astribanks enable user and server friendly mothods to change or upgrade your telephony modules in the field.
  • Xorcom's GUI (Graphical User Interface) is based on Open Source Software which Xorcom has stabilized to only allow upgrades through Xorcom's verified upgrade servers.
  • Xorcom TwinStar offers industry-leading failover support.
Xorcom IP-PBX Solutions