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Yealink Video Conferencing Devices

Whether you are looking for a web camera for your personal meeting or a full-featured video conferencing system for your boardroom, Yealink has you covered! From USB web cameras, Touch Panel Console, to Teams and Zoom compatible devices, here you will find the devices and tools you need for a smooth, professional video conferencing experience!

Why Yealink’s Video Conferencing Devices?

  • Teams & Zoom Compatible
  • Easy to set up
  • A variety of solutions for different sized rooms

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  • For Yealink's Support website click here. 
  • For Yealink Room System Set-up Videos click here. 

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  1. Yealink A20-021-TEAMS Collaboration Bar for Small Rooms

    SKU: 02-131621

    Yealink A20-021-TEAMS Collaboration Bar for Small Rooms
  2. Yealink MVC-BYOD-Extender for Teams and Zoom Rooms

    SKU: 02-131440

    The Yealink BYOD Extender for Teams and Zoom Rooms is an easy-to-use USB extender that lets you connect to any MVC audio or video devices in a conference room.
  3. Yealink Battery Powered Bluetooth RoomSensor

    SKU: 02-131435

    Yealink Battery Powered Bluetooth Room Sensor
  4. Yealink MCore-MS

    SKU: 02-131433

    The Yealink MCore Microsoft mini-PC is a high-end device that facilitates video output, Bluetooth, and WiFi for MS users in video conferencing environments.
  5. Yealink CTP18-Teams Touch Control Panel

    SKU: 02-130630

    The Yealink CTP18-Teams Touch Control Panel offers an 8-inch display with a smart operating system from which to control meetings that use the Yealink video conferencing systems.
  6. Yealink A30-020-Zoom Rooms system for medium rooms

    SKU: 02-130629

    The Yealink A30-020-Zoom Rooms system is a bundled solution that offers Zoom users all that they need to carry out a video conference in a small to medium room.
  7. Yealink UVC30 ContentCamKit

    SKU: 02-129912

    The Yealink UVC30 ContentCamKit brings a 4K resolution camera that will facilitate life-like video meetings.
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  8. Yealink MTouch II USB Touch Panel Console

    SKU: 02-129909

    The Yealink MTouch USB Touch Panel Console for use with the Yealink MVC800 Room System provides a large 8-inch touchscreen display that facilitates viewing incoming calls and organizing contacts. It is compact in size and enhances the meeting efficiency in any conference room.
  9. Yealink VCC22 Video Conferencing Camera

    SKU: 02-129656

    The Yealink VCC22 video conferencing camera, when used with the Yealink VC800 Video Conferencing System gives users a striking 1080p60 quality, an HD CMOS sensor plus 12X optical zoom all working towards providing users with professional video images and multi-environment flexibility.
  10. Yealink UVC30-CP900-BYOD for small and huddle rooms

    SKU: 02-129654

    The Yealink UVC30-CP900-BYOD meeting kit is a plug-and-play solution for small and huddle rooms that enhances user's video and audio experience via one cable. This BYOD kit allows users to hold meetings using any platform of their choice including Teams, Skype for Business and Zoom.

Items 21 to 30 of 47 total

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