Zoom Certified Algo

About Algo IP Paging Solutions for Zoom

A select set of Algo products have been Zoom certified for compatibility and interoperability. With their user-friendly guide, learn how to set up Algo Zoom-certified devices, including IP speakers, intercoms, and strobe lights for your mass notification solution. Algo Solutions supports TLS and SRTP, central provisioning, and network monitoring. In regards to Zoom, audio from voice paging, notification alerts, and planned announcements/bells may all be broadcast concurrently over Algo IP speaker and telephones using any Zoom phone that supports RTP multicast, as well as Singlewire InformaCast and Syn-Apps Revolution. If you wish, you can also incorporate strobe lights for added notification.

Algo Paging Adapters make it easier to connect a legacy analog paging system to a Zoom phone system. These paging adapters feature SIP registration and multicast, allowing audio from voice paging, emergency notification alerts, and scheduled announcements/bells to be readily bridged to many legacy analog phone infrastructures, multicast-enabled phones, and Algo IP speakers. There are no barriers to establishing a hybrid mass notification system with Algo paging adapters to enable comprehensive integration of analog and IP endpoints.

Click here to download the Algo SIP Endpoints and Zoom Phone Interoperability Configuration Guide

Why buy Algo IP Paging Solutions for Zoom?

  • Supports secure SIP using TLS and SRTP, central provisioning, and network supervision
  • Multicast is supported for paging adapters and a variety of  organizations
  • An intuitive step-by-step guide allows for easy setup and configuration
  • All Algo IP Endpoints are fully TAA Compliant!

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