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Mediatrix 3316 (Discontinued)

The Mediatrix 3316 has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced with the Mediatrix Sentinel 400 with 12 FXS and 4 FXO. For more information or if you have questions, please call 800-398

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3 Years
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Tech Specs
# of FXS Ports:
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Protocols Supported:
Provisioning Options:
Auto Provisioning, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, TFTP
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Mediatrix 3316 14 FXS,2 FXO Gateway

The Mediatrix 3316 is an analog gateway featuring 14 FXS ports and 2 FXO ports. The Mediatrix 3316 allows up to 14 analog endpoints such as telephones or fax machines to connect to an IP PBX. The FXO ports stand as bypass or failover ports to connect to the PSTN in case of a network outage.

Mediatrix 3316 Overview

The Mediatrix 3000 Series are multi-function devices combining VoIP IAD, Gateway, IP Router, NAT/Firewall and QoS control in a secure and powerful platform. This VoIP Gateway, featuring FXS/FXO interfaces, provides an ideal solution for enterprise voice applications or for connecting to a service provider's broadband access. With FXO interfaces, it is the ideal solution to deploy private or hosted toll bypass networks. It provides a simple, transparent and cost-effective way of maintaining a connection to the PSTN.

Designed specifically for enterprise applications, the Mediatrix 3000 Series gateways make use of existing broadband access equipment to connect to any standards-based VoIP network. The Mediatrix 3000 series gateways meet the requirements of enterprises that want to connect their Analog or ISDN/R2 CAS equipment, such as PBXs, through a FXS interface to an IP network or as a gateway to the PSTN. The Mediatrix 3000 offers security features such as TLS, SRTP, certificates management, and HTTPS designed to bring enhanced security for the network management, SIP signalling and media transmission aspects.

The following would benefit from a Mediatrix 3300 series gateway:

  • Enterprises with branch offices and remote offices, including SOHOs.
  • Enterprises seeking access to the benefits of Voice over IP without discarding existing legacy equipment.
  • Enterprises wishing to implement Voice over IP through a gradual, transparent, and cost-effective migration.
  • Multi-tenant / multi-dwelling units and premises wishing to implement Voice over IP while maintaining existing wiring and handsets.
  • Enterprises looking to implement secure RTP SRTP and Secure SIP SIPS in 2007.

Mediatrix 3316 Features:

  • 14 FXS ports
  • 2 FXO ports
  • 1 RJ-45 WAN port
  • 4 RJ-45 LAN ports
  • SIP DGW 2.0 firmware
  • Feature rich carrier grade product
  • Analog FXS interface ports
  • Deployable in SIP VoIP networks
  • Up to 60 simultaneous calls
  • User programmable call handling
  • Networking features: complete VoIP-enabled IP router
  • Security features: NAPT/Firewall with proxy-based SIP ALG, VPN, SNMPv3, SSH, HTTPS. Hardware ready and capable to support SRTP and SIP over TLS
  • Proven voice algorithms implemented on dedicated DSP engine for enhanced voice quality on each interface card
  • Fax over IP support, including T.38
  • Multiple codec support
  • Can support local VoIP network
  • Remote management capabilities