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Mobotix Q25 Mono Hemispheric Weatherproof Dome Camera

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Solution Overview

Mobotix Q25 Mono Hemispheric Weatherproof Dome Camera

The Mobotix Q25 is a Weatherproof IP Dome Camera that allows panoramic, allround 360° view of an entire room with just one camera. with an elegant, simple, ultra-compact design, the Q25 is the perfect surveillance solution for access control.

Mobotix Q25 Mono Hemispheric Dome Camera

The Q25 allows for hemispherical view with just one lens, a cost-effective solution, since only one camera is needed to view all four corners of a room. Users have the option of digitally switching off the fish-eye effect of this type of lens directly in the live images. You can save up to 64 GB of video in the camera's integrated DVR, which allows for long-term recording without putting extra load on the network. 

Mobotix Q25 Mono Hemispheric Dome Camera 

  • Digital continuous tilting, panning and zooming without mechanically moving the camera

  • Robust and low maintenance with no moving parts

  • Newest MOBOTIX 5MP sensor technology with up to 30 fps and improved zoom

  • Microphone, speaker, MxBus and intelligent movement sensors (MxActivitySensor)

  • Optimized image quality and reduced motion blur even in poor lighting conditions

  • Optional 2-way Audio

You have the option of selecting a Vandalism Kit for your camera in the drop-downs below. Vandalism Kits are not required, but they are beneficial for uses in high risk areas and where vandal activity is common. They are available in Matte finish and in Polished Gray. 

The 180° lens, as well as the day or night sensor modules are included within the Camera Body. See below to select your Camera Body in either White or Black. 

Please Select Camera Body *

The Mobotix Q25 has Camera Body options for Day and Night in both White and Black for installation in dark environments. The Camera Body includes a 180° lens for a 360° room coverage. Thus, no separate lens needs to be purchased with this Mobotix camera.

Please Select a Mount of Your Choice

A mount is not required for the configuration of this product. However, it is recommended for easier installation on walls, corners and in ceilings.

Please Select a Vandalism Kit

Mobotix Vandalism Kits have been designed for extremely critical locations where is is important that the D15 Camera can withstand vandal activity. The Vandalism Kit consists of a reinforced dome (3mm polycarbonate) with a stainless steel cover and security screws. These are not required for the configuration of this product, but they are provided as an option in different colors, should you need extra protection.

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