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Mobotix S15 Dual FlexMount Weatherproof Thermal Camera

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Solution Overview

Mobotix S15 Dual FlexMount Weatherproof Thermal Camera

Mobotix S15 Dual FlexMount Thermal Camera is the first flexible, Dual Thermal Camera of its kind. This easy to assemble and to deploy video system is fully weatherproof and very efficient in measuring thermal radiation of objects and humans, even in complete darkness. 

Mobotix S15 Dual FlexMount Thermal Camera

The S15 is 6-Megapixel, high-end camera that has been designed to reliably detect motion in images at night, and to detect moving objects during the day in shadows, semi-darkness, smoke, or behind bushes. The S15 sensor modules connect to the camera's weatherproof aluminium housing by using weatherproof cables up to three-meter long per each sensor module.The S15 is a miniature size device that is flexible and can fit into tight spaces, allowing for user-specific installation. Moreover, Mobotix's thermal cameras are meant for around-the-clock use in industrial conditions.

The S15 is cost-effective as it can be installed as a Double Hemispheric solution for a full 360° capture, providing the same coverage as eight standard cameras.

The Mobotix S15 Thermal solution can be used in three different ways: 1. As a Single Thermal system with only (1) Thermal lens, 2. As a Dual Thermal operation with (2) Thermal lenses, or as 3. as a Mixed operation with (1) Thermal lens and (1) day or Night lens. 

The Thermal Lenses for the S15 are available in three different versions that differ only by the high-performance lens incorporated in the thermal image sensor:

  • MX-M15D-Thermal-L43 with a horizontal image angle of 45°
  • MX-M15D-Thermal-L65 with a horizontal image angle of 30°
  • MX-M15D-Thermal-L135 with a horizontal image angle of 15°

With the S15 Thermal, Mobotix offers a weatherproof Pan- Tilt Mount-Thermal that is compact, dome shaped and adjusts in three directions offering great felxibility in finding the right position for the camera lenses. The PT-Thermal Mount comes with a pre-installed Mobotix Thermal sensor module. You can find a picture of a PT-Mount in the images tab above. If you require a PT Moount with your order, please call in to place your order. 

Mobotix S15 Dual FlexMount Thermal Features and Specifications

  • Flexible Installation

  • Maximum frame rate of 8fps

  • CIF images with 4 GB MicroSD DVR

  • Door Station Functionalities

  • Digital zoom (continuous) with panning

  • Codecs: Motion-JPEG/MxPEG/H.264 for SIP

  • Programmable exposure zones

  • Video motion detector

  • MxAnalytics

  • MxActivitySensor

  • Snapshot recording (pre/post-alarm images) 50

  • Terabyte ring buffer storage (internal/network)

  • Security Features (HTTPS/SL, IP-based access control, IEEE 802.1X network authentification)

Please Choose Camera Body *

The S15 Thermal has (1) Camera Body option, thus it is automatically selected for you.

Mobotix S15D FlexMount Camera Body   +$710.60

Please Choose a Thermal Sensor Module (Lens) *
At least (1) Thermal Lens is required for the configuration of this product. You have Thermal lens options of varying degrees. You can choose (1) Thermal Lens for Single Thermal operation, or (2) Thermal Lens for Dual Thermal operation. To multiple select, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the lenses that you want.

Please Choose Day or Night Sensor Module (Lens)

If you already selected (2) Thermal lenses above for Dual Thermal Operation, you can SKIP this step. A Day or Night lens is NOT required for the configuration of this product as it can be used as a Single or Dual Thermal operation. However, if you wanted to use it as a Mixed operation with a (1) Thermal lens and (1) Day or Night lens, select a lens in the drop-down below.

Mobotix S15 Sensor Cable *

This 8 feet Weatherproof Sensor Cable connects Sensor Modules (lenses) to the S15D camera module. It is required for the installation of this camera.

Mobotix S15 Sensor Cable   +$51.30

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