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Netgear ProSafe 24-port Gigabit L3 Managed Stackable Switch (DISCONTINUED)

The Netgear ProSafe 24-port Gigabit L3 Managed Stackable Switch has been discontinued by the manufacturer. There are no comparable replacements at this time. Please call 800-398-8647 or chat with an expert for a recommendation.

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Tech Specs
# of Ethernet Ports:
Ethernet Port Speeds:
10/100/1000 Gigabit
Provisioning Options:
Console CLI, Telnet SSH, Web GUI
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VLAN / QOS Support:

Netgear ProSafe GSM7328S Gigabit L3 Managed Stackable Switch

Part of Netgear's line of Stackable L3 Managed switches, the GSM7328S is a 24-port Gigabit switch with two built-in ports for up-linking and two ports for stacking. The uplink ports are two Gigabit SFP ports located in the front of the switch, and the ports for stacking are located in the rear of the switch and are high-speed modular bays for 48Gbps or distant 40Gigabit stacking. 

ProSafe GSM7328S Gigabit L3 Managed Stackable Switch Overview

The GSM7328S offers Full Gigabit performance and enhanced features such as dynamic layer 3 switching (RIP, OSPF, VRRP) and IPv6 support. All in all, the ProSafe GSM7328S  fully-managed switch delivers 24 ports of auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps interfaces for high-density copper connectivity. Moreover, its four hot-swappable small form-factor pluggable (SFP) Gigabit interfaces provide optional fiber connectivity for longer reach Gigabit Ethernet requirements.

ProSafe GSM7328S Product Features and Specifications:

  • 24 port 10/100/1000 with Auto-Uplink
  • 4 shared SFP ports for fiber Gigabit interfaces
  • 2 built in 10 gigabit SFP+ ports
  • 2 optional 10 gigabit module bays
  • RS-232 console
  • USB port
  • Forwarding modes: Store-and-forward
  • GSM7328S: 144 Gbps; 107.1 Mpps
  • Switch latency: < 6 us for 64-byte frames (10 G to 10 G) < 2 us for 64-byte frames (1 G to 1 G)
  • System memory: 256 MB
  • Packet buffer memory: 786 KB
  • Code storage (flash): 32 MB
  • Address database size: 8 K media access control (MAC) addresses
  • Number of VLANs: 4 k
  • Number of multicast groups: 1024
  • Number of trunks: 64
  • Number of queues: 8
  • Number of routes: 480
  • Jumbo frame support: up to 9 K packet size
  • Acoustic noise: GSM7328S 44 dB
  • Heat dissipation: GSM7328S 260.49 BTU/hr
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF): GSM7328S: 98,705.41hours (~11.3 years) at 55º C

User Interfaces

  • Command Line Interface (CLI) via console port
  • Web-based management via embedded HTTP server protected with Secured Sockets Layer
  • (SSLv3) or Transport Layer Security (TLS v1)
  • Telnet remote login (5 sessions) securable with Secured Shell (SSH v1.5, v2)


  • Per port: Speed, link, activity
  • Per device: Power, fan status, stack ID, RPS, master