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A Session Border Controller (SBC) is a powerful back-to-back user agent device that sits at a point of demarcation for SMB and Enterprise businesses to provide services such as call control, security, interoperability and voice optimization. Purchase the best quality SBCs from our top brands including AudioCodes, EdgeMarc, Patton and more!

Why Session Border Controllers?

  • A high-quality eSBC like Patton’s SN4451 Series will provide a rich set of security features
  • A failover mechanism that delivers survivability for voice and data over a fallback connection to the PSTN.
  • Dual Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms - Bandwidth Reservation and Downstream QoS

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  1. Sangoma Vega Enterprise SBC 1U Appliance Session Border Controller Gateway

    SKU: 02-114872

    The Sangoma Vega SBC 1U Appliance is a scalable session border control gateway in the Vega family of gateways with up to 250 calls. The Vega SBC 1U Appliance with upto 250 calls works with both enterprises and carriers to perform a variety of functions including converting between protocols, transcoding, resource limiting and threat prevention.

    From: $2,495.00

    To: $11,350.00

  2. Sangoma Vega SBC VM/Hybrid Session Border Controller Gateway

    SKU: 02-114873

    The Sangoma Vega SBC VM/Hybrid is a scalable session border control gateway in the Vega family of gateways with up to 500 calls. With the Vega SBC VM/Hybrid the session border controller is maintained on a virtual machine and the Media RTP is offload to an included Sangoma D150 media module reducing the load on the SBC for maximum scalability.

    From: $1,755.00

    To: $14,870.00

  3. Sangoma Vega SBC VM/Software Session Border Controller Gateway

    SKU: 02-114885

    The Sangoma Vega SBC VM/Software is scalable virtual machine-ready session border control gateway software in the Vega family of gateways with up to 500 calls. With the Vega SBC VM/Software both the transcoding and media handling are handled by the software.

    From: $2,025.00

    To: $11,800.00

  4. AudioCodes M1KB-ESBC 5 Sessions

    SKU: 02-118844

    The Mediant 1000 Hybrid Media Gateway (Audiocodes M1KB-ESBC-5) is a modular, compact and cost-effective media gateway solution which has been designed to interface between TDM and IP networks in enterprises or small-scale carrier locations. The compact Mediant 1000 modular gateway is extremely scalable and supports multiples of 1, 2 or 4 E1/T1/J1 spans or 1 to 24 analog ports in various FXS/FXO configurations. The Mediant 1000 also supports mixed digital/analog configurations. This Mediant 1000 offers the user 5 concurrent sessions.
  5. M1K TDM (W/O ESBC); Remote Implementation Support

    SKU: 02-118858

    M1K TDM (W/O ESBC); Remote Implementation Support
  6. AudioCodes SW/M800/ESBC-REG/50

    SKU: 02-118920

    SIP Registrar for Registered Users Software key for enabling 50 SIP registrations on E-SBC. This is needed to support remote worker and NAT Traversal and Survivability (for IP-Centrex, Remote Branch Office and Disaster Recovery) during WAN failure. For maximal capacity refer to release notes. Valid in combination with existing/new E-SBC license only.
  7. AudioCodes M800-ESBC-REMT-IMPL

    SKU: 02-119223

    The AudioCodes M800-ESBC-REMT-IMPL offers Remote Implementation for the Mediant 800 Enterprise Session Border Controller and Media Gateway. AudioCodes portfolio of implementation services is designed to assist partners and end customers achieve smooth voice implementations by providing the services necessary for physical installation and configuration at virtually any geographic location.
  8. Ribbon Communications EdgeMarc 2900e 5 Calls Session Border Controller

    SKU: 02-128660

    The Ribbon Communications EdgeMarc 2900e Session Border Controller with 5 Calls can be scaled to 300 calls.
  9. Patton SN5541 Series eSBC with 2FXS Ports

    SKU: 02-123377

    Connect with confidence using the SmartNode 5541 Series eSBC with an integrated enterprise router to the local PSTN and/or the SIP Trunk service. The SN5541 supports 8 simultaneous calls for a new standard in toll-bypass, remote/branch office connectivity, and enhanced All-IP carrier services.
  10. Ribbon Communications EdgeMarc 2900a Session Border Controller 5 Calls No FXO

    SKU: 02-129591

    The Ribbon Communications EdgeMarc 2900a NO FXO supports both FXS and FXO connections for fax lines, overhead paging systems or a PSTN lifeline.

Items 11 to 20 of 32 total

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