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Wireless Networking

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Wireless Networking

Find a Wireless Access Point for your business or home office

The basic backbone of a VoIP System or any business process is a strong network. In today's culture, a wireless network is just as important and must be just as strong as your wired network. Wireless devices such as WiFi enabled smart phones, laptops, WiFi phones such as Spectralink, and even wireless printers rely on the strength and security of your WLAN (wireless LAN). Don't let a less then stellar wireless access point ruin the integrity of your network. Speak with a WLAN specialist to be sure you are setting your wireless network up for success.

A wireless access point (WAP) offers wireless service within your LAN by usually connecting to a router or it includes a router in itself. A WAP gives off a WiFi frequency that dissipates as you move away from the WAP or when thick structural objects block its frequency. The standard WiFi frequency is called IEEE 802.11 and it operates in the 2.4, 3.6, and 5 GHz frequency band. Within this standard, there are varying degrees of speed and bandwidth which are characterized by the letters a, b, g, or n (currently).

Small offices with few walls may need only one wireless access point whereas large corporations or warehouses may need an entire network of wireless access points in order to provide sufficient WiFi coverage to its wireless users. When multiple WAPs are used on one LAN, it may be necessary to also get a WLAN Controller which handles automatic adjustments to the frequency power, channels, authentication, and security. For these larger WLAN deployments, a scaleable solution like Ruckus Wireless or Cisco Wireless is recommended. In residential or home office applications, a Linksys wireless router is a great choice because of its ease of deployment and inexpensive cost.

VoIP Supply offers a wide variety of wireless access points and WLAN Controllers to help you deploy a successful wireless network.

All of the wireless devices we recommend come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty and is fully supported by our team of in-house networking experts.

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