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Obihai OBi202 - 2 Port FXS with Router (Discontinued)

The OBi202 - 2 Port FXS with Router has been discontinued by the manufacturer. For a comparable product please see the Polycom OBi312 Adaptor.

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1 Year
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Tech Specs
# of FXS Ports:
# of Ethernet Ports:
Built-In Router:
Protocols Supported:
SIP, Google Voice
Provisioning Options:
Auto Provisioning
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Obihai OBi202 ATA for SIP and GoogleVoice

The Obihai OBi202 is a 2 port Analog Telephone Adapter which allows you to use your existing analog phones or fax machines to make calls using the internet. The OBi202 supports T.38 fax and will work with most SIP-based Internet Service Providers (ISP) or with Google Voice as your VoIP Service.

Obihai OBi202 Overview

The OBi202 by Obihai is a 2-port ATA which will allow you to use your analog devices with any SIP trunking provider or Google Voice. Simply plug the Analog Telephone Adapter into your broadband router and then plug your analog devices into the ATA. Calls from your OBi202 to any other device on any OBi device anywhere in the world are always free! In addition, if you use the OBi202 with Google Voice, you can make free calls to the US and Canada (Limited time offer).

The OBi202 features 2 FXS connections so you can connect 2 analog phones, an analog phone and a fax machine, or 2 fax machines to the Internet to enjoy VoIP calling. The OBi202 also has 2 RJ45 ports, so you can connect to your broadband router and to another IP device such as a PC. The 2 port RJ45 router has integrated QoS to ensure your voice traffic is prioritized above other types of traffic. It will support up to 4 VoIP services or SIP accounts. The OBi202 also features a USB port which allows you to plug in USB devices such as the OBiWiFi wireless adapter which allows it to work anywhere within range of your wireless router without a cable connection.

The OBi202 is easy to use and setup. When used with a SIP service provider, you will enjoy value-added features such as message waiting indication (MWI), speed dial, three-way conferencing, caller ID name and number, call forward, call waiting, Do-Not-Disturb, Call return, call recording, call history, and automatic attendant. Using an OBi202 with an analog phone as a SOHO telephone system gives you big company features at a consumer price.

Using the OBi202 with Google Voice offers features such as call forwarding, call blocking, call history, Do-Not-Disturb, international calling, voicemail alerts via email, voicemail speech to text via email, custom voice greetings, call recording, and multi-party conference calling.

Obihai OBi202 Features:

  • - 2 Port FXS for one analog device
  • - Support for 4 SIP accounts or Google Voice accounts
  • - Will support faxing using T.38
  • - Includes 2 RJ45 ports with integrated QoS for connecting to a broadband router
  • - USB port for use with USB devices or OBiWiFi - allows the OBi202 to work wirelessly!
  • - Message Waiting Indication - Visual and Tone Based
  • - Speed Dialing of 99 OBi Endpoints or Numbers
  • - Three-Party Conference Calling with Local Mixing
  • - Hook Flash Event Signaling
  • - Caller ID - Number
  • - Caller ID - Name (Not Available with Google Voice)
  • - Call Waiting
  • - Call Forward - Unconditional
  • - Call Forward on Busy
  • - Call Forward on No Answer
  • - Call Transfer
  • - Anonymous Call
  • - Block Anonymous Call
  • - Do Not Disturb
  • - Call Return
  • - Call Recording (From Device Web UI)
  • - Call History (Last 200 Calls from Device Web UI)
  • - Aggregation and Bridging of Two (2) SIP and/or Google Voiceâ„¢ & One (1) OBiTALK Services
  • - Automatic Attendant (AA) for Simplified Call Routing
  • - Call Back Service - Connect to AA to Make a New Call or Ring the Attached Phone

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