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Build Your Own Open Source VoIP System with Digium

Step 1

Hardware: Most VoIP PBX systems still connect to the PSTN requiring telephony interface hardware. Small system generally use analog connections. Larger systems (more than 12 lines) frequently use T1, E1 or J1 digital connections.

Step 2

Server : Asterisk can run on virtually any modern computer, but with your system being mission critical to your business, you'll want to go with a server that meets your businesses needs. Click the button below for more information on servers for Asterisk.

Step 3

Linux and Asterisk: Once you have your Asterisk hardware the next step is software. You will either need to install Linux or use a ready-to-run distribution to install Linux, Asterisk and various related software packages.

Step 4

Configuration: Now that Asterisk is installed and running you need to edit the system configuration files to implement connections to VoIP and PSTN services. This includes configuration your IVR, auto-attendant, VoIP, PSTN and call routing settings.