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Seamlessly Integrate Your Existing Systems Electronically With VoIP Fulfillment’s Easy to Incorporate and Execute API.

Experience a seamless integration with VoIP Fulfillment, effortlessly incorporating our services into your existing operations. Our electronic ordering and integration services eliminate the need for additional staff, allowing you to streamline processes. Through our online customer portal or API, you can conveniently send and receive orders, customer data, and returns information. Once we receive your customer's shipping details, we promptly process the orders and, when applicable, upload and provide you with all relevant customer order information and device MAC addresses for shipment. We recognize that outsourcing the entire fulfillment process goes beyond simply shipping products. Rest assured, we extend the same level of care and support when products are returned.

  Order Entry & RMA Interface

                 Full EDI / Internet Accessible 

                 Order entry via XML API (via HTTP post or SOAP) or manual entry 

                 Application tracking API, XML push to your API and automated inventory updates and email reporting 

 Returns / RMA

                 Customer Service API or Tracking and Integration

                 Product Returns API and Detailed Reporting Application