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IP Speakers Unify your Paging and VoIP Network

When installing a new VoIP System in your office, institution, or plant, it makes sense to extend the system to include mass notification. In today's world, a mass notification system is necessary, especially in schools, malls, and large campuses. If you don't already have an analog speaker system in place, extend your VoIP System that last mile to include IP Speakers as SIP endpoints. Valcom, Cyberdata, and Advanced Network Devices offer IP speakers which connect to your VoIP system as if they were another VoIP Phone or through zone controllers to give you control over where your message is extended to. To extend your reach, IP speakers can be connected to less expensive analog ceiling speakers allowing you to use your VoIP system to communicate while saving costs on speaker hardware.

VoIP Supply offers a wide variety of IP ceiling speakers including industry standard 8in round ceiling speakers, rectangle drop-in speakers for false drop ceilings, as well as wall mounted speakers and intercom systems. Unify your messaging by combining your IP speaker system with a network clock or an IP digital message board.

Choose from industry leading manufacturers Advanded Network Devices (AND), CyberData, and Valcom to design the perfect system for you needs. Whether your application for indoor or outdoor use, VoIP Supply has the IP speakers you need for the most complete notification network you can imagine.

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  1. Algo 8189 PoE IP Surface Mount Speaker

    SKU: 02-124584

    PoE Wideband IP Surface Mount Speaker for Voice Paging & Notification Alerting. The 8189's slimmer design is better suited for indoor surface mount applications required for voice paging and emergency notification / alerting. The 8189 speaker is a PoE SIP compliant endpoint, and does not require an additional amplifier. Common application environments include a school, hospital, retail store and office spaces.
  2. CyberData 011458 Multicast Speaker

    SKU: 02-126482

    The CyberData 011458 Multicast Speaker is an economical Power-over-Ethernet (PoE and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) public address product.
  3. Algo 8188 SIP Ceiling Speaker

    SKU: 02-123019

    The 8188 SIP Ceiling Speaker is a SIP compliant IP ceiling speaker for voice paging, emergency notification, and background music.
  4. Algo 8186 Wideband IP Horn Speaker

    SKU: 02-123473

    The 8186 is a weatherproof SIP compliant IP horn / loudspeaker for voice paging, loud ringing, and emergency / safety / security notification and alerting. The speaker is PoE and does not require an additional amplifier.
  5. Cyberdata 0114107 Singlewire Informacast Loudspeaker Amplifier PoE

    SKU: 02-123150

    The CyberData 011407 Singlewire InformaCast Loudspeaker Amplifier is a Power over Ethernet (PoE 802.3af or 802.3at) VoIP paging device and loud ringer for use in places that need loud paging.
  6. Valcom VIP-580

    SKU: 02-112205

    IP FlexHorn Surface Mount Unit
  7. Valcom VIP-9880

    SKU: 02-112207

    IP FlexHorn Interior Square Faceplate, White
  8. Valcom VIP-581-IC

    SKU: 02-112251

    InformaCast IP FlexHorn Angled Surface Mount Unit
  9. Valcom VIP-580A-IC

    SKU: 02-112250

    InformaCast IP FlexHorn Surface Mount Unit
  10. Valcom VIP-483-IC

    SKU: 02-112249

    InformaCast IP FlexHorn Stainless Steel Grille, Vandal Resistant w/o Back Box

Items 21 to 30 of 85 total

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