Patton SmartNode 4141 Analog Gateway 8 FXO SN4141/8JO8V/EUI

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The Patton SN4141/8JO8V/EUI is the ideal device for All-IP applications where either old, non-replaceable telephones have to be integrated into a UCC environment, or for good old fax devices to be shifted to the next-generation network infrastructure.

PattonSmartNode 4140 Analog Gateway SN4141/8JO8V/EUI Overview

Up to eight phone or fax calls can be managed by the SmartNode 4140 Series VoIP Media Gateways. The Patton SN4140 is ideal for All-IP applications requiring the integration of old, non-replaceable telephones into a UCC environment or transitioning old fax systems to next-generation network infrastructure. For All-IP networks, Patton's SmartNode 4140 Series provides legacy phone interfaces, service transparency, and modular convergence. Legacy telecommunications equipment will remain the same for All-IP networks as well as through the transition to the next generation communication network for years to come. The Patton SmartNode 4140 is in charge of adding this equipment to the enterprise at a cost-effective rate. It also assists in the integration of PoS, metering networks, elevator phones, and other systems into an All-IP world with its modem and fax signal to VoIP conversion capability.

PattonSmartNode 4140 Analog Gateway SN4141/8JO8V/EUI Features

  • 8 FXO
  • 8 VoIP Calls or 4 SIP-SIP Calls (SIP b2b UA) upgradeable (max. 200)
  • Transcoding calls (max. 4)
  • 1x Gig Ethernet
  • Made in the USA



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