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Plantronics WO100 (Discontinued)

This product has been discontinued by Plantronics and replaced with the Plantronics Savi 740. To check on any remaining stock for the Savi WO100, call 800.398.8647.

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Plantronics WO100 Savi Office Convertible VoIP Headset

Cross device. Cross platforms. Cross applications.

That's Plantronics WO100 Savi Office, the next-generation headset system that lets users connect to multiple communication applications and devices--desk phones, PC softphones, and PC audio--with a single headset. With a touch of a button, professionals can connect a softphone call on a PC with a desk phone call and then attend a Webinar. And thanks to its noise-canceling microphone, wideband PC audio, and integrated DECT 6.0 technologies, Savi Office offers lifelike fidelity with every call and application and lets users roam up to 350 feet from their desk without compromising on clarity. With Savi Office, real-time collaboration has been redefined.

Plantronics WO100 VoIP Headset Overview

Integrating the Desk phone, Softphone and PC Audio The Savi Office system includes a Plantronics wireless headset and a base unit that connects to a PC and desk phone, seamlessly unifying both world's by offering superior sound performance across devices, applications, and platforms. Whether your staff juggles sales calls on their desk phone, through Webinars, or with new customers calling in through their PC's softphone, Savi Office has them covered.

PerSono Suite, the system's integrated software, lets users connect a softphone call on their PC with a desk phone call at the touch of a button. They can also easily mix in colleagues from around the building or around the world, regardless of the device the caller is using

And because each Savi Office base system can support up to four headsets, quickly bringing additional people into a call for on-the-fly conferencing and real-time decision making is literally a snap. Simply plug the headset into the base and consider it done. This feature also gives organizations additional ROI benefits by letting them add multiple headsets at a low initial investment.

Natural-Sounding Hands-Free Communication A headset is only as good as the sound and efficiencies that it delivers. Savi Office, with wideband PC audio support, a noise-canceling microphone, and an enhanced speaker design and digital signal processing for superior audio performance, provides lifelike fidelity, whether users are on a desk phone call or leading a Webinar. Add to this the headset's comfortable, hands-free design, and you've got a system that gives staff the ability to talk comfortably and naturally, allowing them to focus on their call or presentation and freeing their hands to text, take notes, or toggle between applications with ease.

Savi Office relies on the DECT 6.0 frequency for its wireless communication, a frequency that's used exclusively for communications applications and is not affected by wireless networks or appliances. This means that users can roam up to 350 feet away from their desks, enjoying interference-free communications as they attend to other duties or stretch their legs during long conference calls.

The headset's energy-efficient adaptive power system optimizes energy consumption and extends its battery life, letting users focus on their work throughout the day without worrying about running out of power.

For Enterprises: Customizable, Low-Cost Implementation Savi Office is designed for easy implementation across enterprises, keeping the setup time and initial investments minimized. An easy-to-follow wizard and simple plug-and-play experience allow for easy set-up and keep costs down by minimizing the need for help desk calls and implementation risks. And downloadable firmware and software upgrades will ensure that users always remain up-to-date with the system's latest enhancements.

Savi Office was designed with the idea that each user is unique. By offering customization features and several design choices--Convertible, Over the Ear, and Over the Head in both binaural and monaural styles--Savi Office gives organizations the flexibility of meeting a wide variety of individual needs without added costs.

Plantronics WO100 Features and Functions

  • Noise-canceling microphone, digital sound processing, and wideband PC audio support for business-class clarity
  • Offered in three state-of-the-art wearing styles
  • DECT 6.0 for an interference-free wireless range of up to 350 feet
  • Base unit accepts up to 4 headsets for on-the-fly conferencing
  • Integrated PerSono Suite software for one-touch call switching and wide range of customization features