Products and Configuration

Get the Right Equipment Configured to Your Exact Specifications

Let our skilled VoIP technology experts assist you in choosing the perfect device for your needs. Benefit from our customized configuration services, tailored to your specifications. We also offer equipment "refresh" services, ensuring that returned devices can be used again effectively. Experience the comprehensive product and configuration services provided by VoIP Fulfillment.

          Device Selection Consultation 

          Product Provisioning 

          Product Testing / Repair / Reconditioning 

          RMA Product Refresh / Inventory Buy Back Program 


Many VoIP service providers offer the option to purchase end user devices (CPE) in bulk, which can be pre-configured ahead of time. This approach significantly cuts down on the cost of individually configuring each device before shipping it to your customers. Moreover, it streamlines the integration process and facilitates real-time order management.

  Just-In-Time Custom Provisioning 

In the case of certain VoIP service providers, end user devices (CPE) can be procured individually or in bulk. However, these devices necessitate custom configurations before being shipped to the end user. This practice is typically reserved for higher-end or more intricate products, including gateways, channel banks, and complete PBX solutions.

 Product Refurbishment w/ VoIP Supply's Reclaim & Refresh Program 

We understand that product failures or returns can happen. At VoIP Fulfillment, we're here to assist you in such cases as well. If a product needs to be returned for any reason, we can handle the process by sending it back to the manufacturer for repairs or reconditioning, ensuring it can be utilized for future customer replacement requirements. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for provisioning and fulfillment, allowing you to concentrate on sales, marketing, and customer support.