Ruckus FlexMaster 909-0250-FMEU

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Ruckus FlexMaster 909-0250-FMEU 909-0250-FMEU

Ruckus FlexMaster License Upgrade 909-0250-FMEU

The Ruckus FlexMaster Management System (9.0) is a fully-featured, intuitive, and complete, Linux-based managed service platform for configuration, fault detection, audit, performance management and optimization of hundreds of thousands of remote Smart Wi-Fi APs or Smart Wireless LANs (WLANs) from a single point.

Ruckus Flexmaster License Upgrade 909-0250-FMEU Overview

Select your FlexMaster license upgrade for access point (AP) support:

  • SKU #02-111799: From supporting 100 to supporting up to 250 AP's
  • SKU #02-111798: From supporting 250 to supporting up to 500 AP's
  • SKU #02-111797: From supporting 500 to supporting up to 1000 AP's
  • SKU #02-111796: From supporting 1000 to supporting up up to 2500 AP's
  • SKU #02-111795: From supporting 2500 to supporting up to 5000 AP's

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SKU 02-111799
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Model 909-0250-FMEU
MPN 909-0250-FMEU
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